IQNN Real Estate develops real estate with its own, unique approach of projects. This approach comes back in the name: Ideas, Quality and No Nonsense.


A real estate developer must have his own ideas for a real estate project. These pertain to ideas for the function, the target groups, the design, the development process and financial issues. This requires creativity and a substantive sense of business. The Realty developer sets the frameworks of the project and defines the objective and directions for the project. With his ideas, creativity and understanding of the content of projects, the developer is also the substantive discussion partner of the architect, consultants and contractors. A quality real estate product gets developed with this approach.


The development projects of IQNN Real Estate are good and thorough. The perfect solution is worked towards with knowledge, dedication and energy. It is about building technical quality and also the right balance between investment, management costs and return. The consumer who brings his business process into real estate is hereby served and also the property investor who wants to manage the real estate, often for extended periods, without complications. Quality does not mean expensive or complex. It pertains to good solutions for all issues that occur in a real estate project and to solutions that meet the needs and demands of consumer and investor.&nb

No Nonsense

With No Nonsense is meant that the only thing that gets done is that what really adds something to the real estate project. Paperwork that seems interesting, but does not actually improve a project, does not get produced. It pertains to meaningful work. IQNN Real Estate focuses on the building, the building of the team and the quality of the product.