IQNN Real Estate is currently particularly active in the development of hotels and the redevelopment of existing real estate, but offices and schools are also considered as a specialty. 

Real Estate Development

IQNN Real Estate develops and brings tenants and investors together. IQNN Real Estate is involved in the projects from concept to commissioning and works with its clients to find the best solution for real estate issues. There is a collaboration with fellow developers and investors, depending on the nature and scope of the project. 

Real estate development and project management are strongly intertwined in IQNN Real Estate’s vision: a commercial idea should technically be well-translated before one can speak of a successful end product.

Project Management

IQNN Real Estate is engaged by clients to manage more complex building projects, often in combination with solving specific development issues. Project management and thorough expertise are therefore seen as a fundamental part of the overall development process.

Real Estate Advice

IQNN Real Estate advises clients and fellow developers on a variety of real estate issues, ranging from commercial and judicial issues to advice on technical content.