Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap


The Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap, also known as the Kees Boekeschool, is a school with toddler groups, primary and secondary education. IQNN Real Estate has partnered with the Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap for the development of the properties since 2004.


The Werkplaats Kindergemeenschap has its own grounds of 16 hectares in Bilthoven, with school buildings, outdoor playgrounds, a nature centre and sports areas. Almost all the properties of the Children’s Community Workshop have been renewed since 2004. In addition, the financial position of the school has significantly improved due to a number of land transactions. The project started with the development of a master plan and a cooperation agreement with the municipality of De Bilt. A new building for secondary education has subsequently been developed. Land is leased to the municipality of De Bilt on a long-term basis where a sports hall and a car park were developed. Land has also been sold land for housing development.

The last partial project was the construction of a building for childcare. That building is leased to a commercial party.


  • Gross floor area Secondary Education: 9,200 sqm
  • Gross floor area Kindergarten: 1,500 sqm
  • Gross Floor area sport hall: 3,200 sqm

Parties involved

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