Golf Course The Dutch


The Dutch, an exclusive golf course where from of 2016 the KLM Open will be held, is located near Gorinchem - in Spijk. This golf course was opened in 2011 and there are plans for expansion. IQNN Real Estate works together with Made in Scotland, the founder and owner of The Dutch, on the extension of the golf course.


Made in Scotland wants to expand The Dutch to attract more members and offer the new and existing members a total concept on a high standard.

It focuses on the business golfer. In addition to the existing golf course and the clubhouse, The Dutch has plans to realize a second 18-hole golf course. This also includes the development of a Golf Academy, Golf Lodges and an extension of the current clubhouse.

Variants have been developed by IQNN Real Estate for the expansion of The Dutch. In the future, a variant will be chosen and The Dutch will be further developed.


  • Expansion from 18 to 36 holes
  • Golf Academy
  • Golf Lodges
  • Expansion current clubhouse
  • Adaptation landscaping

Parties involved

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