The Hogeschool of Amsterdam (HvA) / Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences realises a campus with housing, shops and space for more than 25,000 students at the Wibautstraat.


IQNN Real Estate has taken the development of plans for the entire campus of the HvA on itself. IQNN Real Estate has also executed the project management at the Singelgracht Building (currently the Benno Premsela House). IQNN Real Estate has also supervised the project management for the Singelgracht Building during the realisation thereof. Besides the development of plans for the campus buildings, IQNN Real Estate has also seen to the demolition of the former Wibaut House. Ballast Nedam is currently working on the execution of the parking garage and the new buildings.


  • Gross floor area Benno Premsela House: 16,000 sqm
  • Gross floor area Wibaut House: 33,000 sqm
  • Gross floor area Boerhaave Building: 20,000 sqm
  • Gross floor area Van Muschenbroek residential building: 10,000 sqm
  • Education and classroom areas
  • Other facilities HvA: lecture halls, canteens, meeting rooms
  • Shops/hospitality areas
  • Sports hall and facilities for primary school
  • Student housing
  • Underground parking garage

Involved parties

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